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Frequently Asked Questions

You will receive a stl file, this is a standard file for 3d printing.

Resizing is possible within your printing program, but the cookie cutters edges and details are specially made according printing nozzles, if resized by yourself, your edges will be to large or to small what will result in misprints, gaps and as well sticky dough etc.

We always recommend PLA, this is a food grade plastic, you have this material in dishwasher and non dishwasher safe.

For best results use 100% infill

If you dont have your own 3D printer it is not a problem at all. You can use Treatstock to get your files printed, shops are everywhere in the world, chose a shop online close by or a bit further away/cheaper.

Standard printing times take an average of 45-60 minutes a cookie cutter

Yes, please contact us with your image of drawing and we can make a custom design for you.

You are not allowed to resell the stl files, these are copyrighted material. All downloads are marked with coding, if the stl file is found illegally, legal actions are submitted.

By downloading the stl files you are allowed to fabricate the designs for own use or to sell cookies.


On our site you can get free designs as well premium files, we have a lot more designs than a standard shop, no need to pay multiple shipping costs.

The extra fees that other platforms add to the items are not here, you can buy directly without any middle men.

If you can print your cookie cutters yourself it is only a few cents more to make, no transports, no delay.

If you dont have a printer yourself you can use treatstock to print them, a lot of printing companys are in your vicinity, (etsy or others are mostly far away, often shipping will never arrive), now you can walk by or have them delivered, all designs at once. Cheaper,easier and faster!

No extra shipping = less CO2

You don’t have a 3d Printer?

No worries! Find a 3d company in your vicinity